Mt. Kanlaon
Mt. Kanlaon

Canlaon City is one of the host local government of Mt. Kanla-on, the highest peak in the Visayas.

Mt. Kanla-on covers 24,557.60 hectares of land area with rainforests and verdant vegetation cutting through the political boundaries of cities of Bago, La Carlota, San Carlos, and Canlaon and the towns of Murcia and La Castellana within the park and having 169 hectares as Buffer Zone.

The most imposing landmark in Negros Island,  Mt. Kanla-on is the third most active volcano in the country.

Mt. Kanla-on is a complex and active volcano surrounded by several craters and volcanic peaks. Volcanic features in the area include the cinder cone of the active center and craters at the summit. It is underlain by tropical volcanic materials composed of sheeted lava flows, lahar deposits, airfall tephra and apron pyroclastic materials.

It is biologically diverse; and home to a number of species of Flora and Fauna. The slopes are also headwater catchments of major river systems of the entire Negros Island.

A trail of pyroclastic cones and craters dot the volcano, which, aside from its crater lake, has a small but more active crater in its southern portion.

Mt. Kanla-on has a lot of waterfalls and three hot springs on its slopes.

More than 40 kilometers of foot trails at the Mt. Kanla-on National Park leads to the summit, the shortest of which is the eight-kilometer Masulog trail. The Ara-al and Mapot trails could take up to a day while the longest route takes trekkers deep into the wilderness for two days before reaching the summit.

A climbing permit from DENR is required to climb, and the number of climbers is limited to 10 persons.

Mountaineering is open during the months of March to May and October to December.  The months of January, February, June, July, August, and September are low season wherein only one expedition party per trail per month is allowed.  However, the park is closed to mountaineering during bad weather or when PHIVOLCS declares that there's a volcanic activity.

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